Monday, 17 September 2012

Week 2!

I don't want to mention how much I weigh...

I got my period and my scales show that I have gained weight, so I choose to ignore the readings....

But... I have to admit that week 2 was not a very good one and I gave in to temptation...

Lets see what week 3 will show!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Week 1!

Yesterday was Sunday.

I concluded my first week and Sunday was the free 7th day.

On Sundays I will weigh myself and see what I have accomplished.
So, for week 1 I lost 1,5 kilos.

Actually, 1,5 kilos for one week is really fine, considering I had a few sugar cookies these days.... I know, my mistake.... I sadly have to admit to my mirror that I could have lost more had it not been for the cookies.

God, I love them. They are one of my favourite things!

Exercise: Well, I went to the gym just once this week. Not good, I'm afraid, but I will try and find more time during week 2.

The diet routine is pretty much the same everyday. I had fruit and ham and graviera cheese for breakfast, protein and vegetables for lunch and one fruit and milk with a meal substitute for dinner.
It doesn't sound a lot, but I am not hungry, which is good!
More specifically my lunches were grilled salmon and green salad, grilled burger and tomato salad, green beans casserole and feta cheese, mushrooms and graviera cheese, grilled burger and a salad again.
On Saturday I had nothing, because it was a really stressful day and I was not in the mood for eating. I must remember not to do this again. It's not healthy!

On Sunday I had a cheese pie with grapefruit juice for breakfast, minced meat empanadas for lunch and oat cereal for dinner. Yeah, I had my carbs!

Today, we are back on track!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Day 4!

I know, it is early to see any results...
But, I think I have started well.

The first 2 days were sort of detox days. I had vegetables, fruit, meal substitutes (for the protein) and pills. I was OK, a little hungry of course, but that was only natural.
I mean if you go from carbs and cookies and souvlaki to fruit, vegetables and protein, you are bound to be a little hungry!!!!

The ultimate test was this morning. A collegue brought small cheese pies from an amazing store "Dodoni"! The BEST kourou cheese pie I have ever eaten! Warm, buttery, fresh.... The whole office smells like a bakery. (I am droolling right now...).
I DID NOT EAT. Shall I say it again? I did not eat the cheese pie.
I am so proud of myself!

*sigh* I hope I can continue dodging temptations.

Sunday is a free day, which means I can eat carbs. I have taken a cheese pie, I will put it in the freezer and defrost it in my oven on Sunday morning. I will enjoy it with some orange juice! Can't wait!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Well I am not sure how to start this post or how to express what I have in my mind.

I am on and off diets almost all my life. In general I can lose weight in a good pace, if I stick to the plan religiously.
My pregnancy 2 years ago made it more difficult for me to lose weight. Maybe something with the hormones that go wild?
Any way I did manage to lose some kilos, but I gained it all back during vacation...

I love style and fashion.
My problem is that I also love to eat, cook, bake, talk about food, read about it, go out to restaurants.... I like trying new recipes and I want to be the mom that makes the best cookies!
Food love and fashion love do mix... or don't they?

So here I am trying to start again. It is tiring, frustrating, boring even to go over the same process again. But I have to ...

I am trying to be an adult here and put my mind to it and focus. This is what it is all about, right? Mind! Focus!

I have 3 reasons why I must get rid of my extra kilos:
1. Medical.
I have a back problem and I don't want to develop any diabetes.
2. Vanity.
I want to be thin and look stylish. I love fashion, clothes, shoes and so far I cannot enjoy them.
3. Economical.
I have a lot of clothes in my closet that I do not wear, because they don't fit. Clothes that I really like and miss! It makes more sense economically to lose weight, rather that buy a whole new wardrobe!

Through this blog I want to document my efforts, as an extra incentive to stick to my plan:

Start: 1 September 2012  --  Current weight: 79,5 kgr

End: 1 June 2012  -- Goal weight: 62 - 63 kgr

Method: Diet + Exercise + Weight loss pills for the first month.
I plan to eat vegetables, protein and fruit for 6 days a week and have 1 free day,  most likely on Sunday, when I can enjoy my favourite carbs.
I have enrolled to a gym, where I do cardio, TRX and Power Vibe.
I want to boost my metabolism and help start the whole process using the pills (no comments, please!)

Wish me luck! (fingers crossed)