Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Well I am not sure how to start this post or how to express what I have in my mind.

I am on and off diets almost all my life. In general I can lose weight in a good pace, if I stick to the plan religiously.
My pregnancy 2 years ago made it more difficult for me to lose weight. Maybe something with the hormones that go wild?
Any way I did manage to lose some kilos, but I gained it all back during vacation...

I love style and fashion.
My problem is that I also love to eat, cook, bake, talk about food, read about it, go out to restaurants.... I like trying new recipes and I want to be the mom that makes the best cookies!
Food love and fashion love do mix... or don't they?

So here I am trying to start again. It is tiring, frustrating, boring even to go over the same process again. But I have to ...

I am trying to be an adult here and put my mind to it and focus. This is what it is all about, right? Mind! Focus!

I have 3 reasons why I must get rid of my extra kilos:
1. Medical.
I have a back problem and I don't want to develop any diabetes.
2. Vanity.
I want to be thin and look stylish. I love fashion, clothes, shoes and so far I cannot enjoy them.
3. Economical.
I have a lot of clothes in my closet that I do not wear, because they don't fit. Clothes that I really like and miss! It makes more sense economically to lose weight, rather that buy a whole new wardrobe!

Through this blog I want to document my efforts, as an extra incentive to stick to my plan:

Start: 1 September 2012  --  Current weight: 79,5 kgr

End: 1 June 2012  -- Goal weight: 62 - 63 kgr

Method: Diet + Exercise + Weight loss pills for the first month.
I plan to eat vegetables, protein and fruit for 6 days a week and have 1 free day,  most likely on Sunday, when I can enjoy my favourite carbs.
I have enrolled to a gym, where I do cardio, TRX and Power Vibe.
I want to boost my metabolism and help start the whole process using the pills (no comments, please!)

Wish me luck! (fingers crossed)